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We are full-service performance marketing agency and our services cater to various stages of growth marketing from acquisition of customers, to engagement to retaining them. This hybrid of call-service products and cross-channel servicing agency gives us a leading edge and we help brands to maximize their ROI in their sales/marketing efforts.

We thrive on our Data analytics skills and act as a compass which sets the right direction for businesses and help them with generating quality leads, conversion and re-engagement and retention of those leads.


Our Team Member

Arif Khan

Arif Khan


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Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan


& Founder

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All set to make an impact in the world of Performance Marketing with brimming zeal and energy.

Ready to rub shoulders with greatness through his immaculate business acumen and undying spirit.

Sajid Perwaiz

Sajid Perwaiz

System Administrator

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Ashaz Khan

JR. Cheif Executive Officer


Sajid Perwaiz graduated from RGPV University in Bhopal with a degree in Engineering (CS Branch). He has extensive knowledge and experience in hardware and networking. He's a RedHat Certified expert. His key responsibilities include overseeing and managing the company's computer systems as well as providing technical support to the workforce. He has the ability to troubleshoot system and website portal related matters in a fast-paced setting as a Desktop Support Engineer.

Junoon has been the head of IT at Rightful Connect for the past three years, and is in charge of developing and implementing new concepts to boost business efficiency at scale. He has a proven track record in traffic management, including dialer support and strategic solutions.

Sushmita is an Electrical Engineering graduate from R.G.P.V University with various certifications, including AutoCAD, PLC, and Scada. Currently, she’s simulating the CPL fromMadhya Pradesh Flying Club. She is here to analyze associates' demeanor, technical accuracy, customer service performance, and conformity to corporate policies and procedures, as well as to enable regulatory compliance and provide information for audit trails by monitoring inbound and outbound calls and emails responses. She is diligent, reliable, and dependable.

Harshita is a competent and trustworthy employee who completed her MBA from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya University in Indore. She has been a part of this firm for a long time, and she has always devoted herself to the growth of the company, as well as providing real-time feedback to agents, which helps to preserve company quality and forecast the best response from buyers. Her analytical approach to the smallest things has opened numerous possibilities for growth as a quality analyst. She possesses exceptional communication abilities that facilitate easy communication between management and the frontline, benefiting both stakeholders. The understanding of all aspects of her work with empathy has always yielded positive results for all.

Vinod holds a BBA degree with a specialization in Marketing and Industrial Relations, as well as extensive experience in quality assurance, training, and compliance. He is the head of Quality and Training at Rightful-Connect, and is primarily responsible for ensuring that the best client services are delivered.

Dipak holds a bachelor's degree in Artfrom EILLM University in Sikkim, and he has a lot of expertise with data management. His major responsibilities include gathering, managing, and sharing data as needed, developing new reports as required, and presenting a detailed vision to management.